Stitch Fix Review | September & October Boxes

Stitch Fix

I just wanted to take a minute to share my September/October Stitch Fix Boxes!  I have LOVED almost everything they have sent me!

I’ve had several questions on how it worked, so I wanted to share one more time in this post….

First, go HERE to sign up, and fill out your style profile.  There will be many questions so they know your style, body type and preferences. You can sign up for the frequency of your box as well…either to be every few weeks, months.  You CAN take a break from receiving boxes by just editing your profile if you are not needing new pieces.  Every box you are charged a $20 styling fee.  That fee goes towards ANYTHING you purchase in your box.  So if you only keep one piece, the $20 goes towards purchasing that piece.  If you purchase the whole box you get a discount.  If you send the whole box back you do not get the $20 styling fee back.  There is a pre-paid mailing bag to ship all your items back to Stitch Fix.  Super simple and easy!  Hope that helps a little bit!

I shared in THIS post a few months ago, that I started being very specific with some things I would like to see. They have surprised me every time by including everything I have asked for!  I have gotten some staple wardrobe pieces in these last few boxes!

September Box

Here are my favorites from the September box.  The black dolman top was very flattering, but I already had one very similar.  I LOVED the camel sweater and the plaid scarf.  The material on both of them were very soft, and the fit of the sweater was very flattering.  I think there was a mistake on the pair of jeans they sent that month….they were about 5 inches too short.  The fit was amazing, but I sent them back because of the length, and didn’t end up exchanging them for another pair because I had a similar pair in my wardrobe.
Here is my October Box.  I knew I was going to love it as soon as I opened it!  There was an amazing faux suede blazer that was SO SOFT, distressed boyfriend jeans, a color block sweater with a button back, a cable knit sweater with plaid back, and a striped dolman shirt.
November Box
Beckham really loves to also check himself out in the mirror during this process.  The dolman shirt was very soft and comfortable, but it was very big on me.  The color block sweater was pretty as well, but it wasn’t as versatile as I like.  The jeans fit perfectly, but were very similar to a pair I have in my wardrobe.  The blazer was AMAZING, but I have a leather jacket that is almost identical and I couldn’t justify keeping it.  The one piece I am keeping is the cable knit sweater with the plaid back.  It is so comfortable and cozy.  I always love keeping pieces I don’t really see around as much.

Please excuse the poor photo quality!  It was super cloudy today, and I had a hard time getting good photos.  🙂

If you sign up to start getting your boxes, you can share your referral link with others and get a $25 credit once their box ships! I have been able to get free pieces with each box by sharing my link, and I appreciate everyone who has used it!

Have a happy weekend!