Summer Photography Challenge


This summer I challenged myself to pull my camera out more every day.  I enjoyed learning to take photos in different light, and in different situations.  I’ve had my camera for almost 3 years – and it has been worth every penny to me.  I get to stand behind the lens, and capture beautiful moments.  I thought I would share just a few of my favorites!IMG_6358IMG_8209IMG_9266I have had a lot of questions on the camera, lens, and editing software I use.  So here it is!

Camera | Canon T3 
Lens I can’t live without | 50mm 1.8
Editing Software | Lightroom 6

here is an example of my image after editing:

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.35.41 PMI usually just do minor edits in LR – I usually adjust the white balance, sharpen or soften, change exposure.  It’s very user friendly and I love it!
IMG_7553photographypost2 summerphotography IMG_7683IMG_6571 photography post 3IMG_9179IMG_7089IMG_6862 IMG_7052 IMG_7435 IMG_7201For those wanting to learn their camera more, I always suggest sitting down with your camera and really learning manual mode.  I have used toys on the floor in the past, and just played with each and every setting.  I have enjoyed learning more about photography SO much, and taking photos of my kiddos is priceless to me!






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