My 24-day Advocare Challenge Results & Review

24 day resultsI gave an update a couple weeks ago on how my 24-day Advocare Challenge was going.  I was so proud to finish it over the weekend.  I’ll be honest, there were some tears shed, and there were a few days where things got ugly and I almost threw in the towel.  I wasn’t seeing any weight drop off, and I became very discouraged.  I struggle with the scale anyways….I wanted to see results….and many do see those results very quickly with the challenge (average weight loss on the Advocare 24-Day Challenge is 12lbs and 10 inches), so I was struggling with comparing my results to others as well!  I’m so glad I took the before and after photos, because you can most definitely tell a difference!

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 2.35.43 PM

I lost 2 pounds, and 7.5 inches.  The hips don’t lie…I lost almost 3 inches in that area alone!  Those chocolate chips were going straight to that area!  You can tell that my tummy looks less bloated as well as my face.  A bigger difference is in how I FEEL.  Before the challenge I was struggling with my mood, insomnia, energy throughout the day and struggling a LOT with emotional eating.  I could tell a difference within a few days….I had so much more energy, I didn’t feel tired throughout the day, and I was able to sleep through the night.  This is huge for me, as a busy mom of four trying to keep up!  I didn’t struggle giving up the diet coke and coffee as I have in the past, because the spark really got me through the day! I was able to get up when my alarm went off, which has also been a HUGE struggle for me in the last few months.

I ENJOY eating healthy again – fruit tastes amazing, and I am having so much fun finding recipes that my family likes that I can also eat as well!  Landon uses the Spark as well, and has eliminated all other drinks from his diet as well.  I love that he enjoys eating clean with me!

I wanted to answer a few questions that I had during the process:

Why did you have to purchase the challenge?  Couldn’t you have just done this on your own?
I have done a clean eating diet in the past, and it was wonderful for me, but I really needed a push.  I needed to spend the money and make the commitment so I would stick with it.  I don’t regret it one bit, and I will continue using Advocare products in my daily life (spark, catalyst, omegaplex).  I may even do another challenge again in the future!

What is the Advocare 24-day challenge and what does it consist of?
Advocare is a nutritional company, and the challenge consists of supplements and a nutrition program that helps give your body the jumpstart it needs to be healthy, and reach your goals.  It’s for weight management, energy, and overall wellness.  I chose it, because I needed the extra energy, nutrition, and I needed the commitment to cut the bad habits I had with diet coke and sugar.  You get to eat amazing, healthy and clean foods, and I never felt hungry because I was fueling my body correctly.

Did you cheat?
I had two decaf lattes made without milk during the process.  I also had three M&M’s on the last day of the challenge while I was in the hospital with Beckham.  That was it…and I didn’t even feel bad about those, because 95% of the time I was on track!

So here’s what the challenge contains:
You can see the details here.  The first ten days of the challenge is the cleanse phase – which rids your body of so many toxins.  The second phase is the Max Phase – which gives you energy and revs up your metabolism.  It’s a lot of info, so go HERE to watch the challenge overview!

I’m still feeling GREAT and trying my best to eat clean, and stay away from sugar.  I did eat a “cheat” meal saturday night.  I got grilled chicken and sweet potato fries.  Innocent right?  We were eating with friends and in the middle started having some extreme stomach pains!  I seriously thought there was something wrong, I was so sick all night!  Lesson learned.

I am so excited about how amazing I feel, and I of course love to share anything that I find helpful with others!  I had a wonderful support system during my challenge, and a great facebook challenge group where everyone shared recipes, ideas, and encouragement! I would love to help you if you have any questions about the products or challenge.  I am a distributor, so I would love to help you if you are interested in purchasing the challenge!

Here are some of my favorite bloggers for inspiration and recipes!  You will be inspired by their transformations!


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