11 month update // time slow down


Oh how time flies…my sweet baby boy has grown up so quickly!  I can’t believe in a couple weeks we will be celebrating his first birthday!  This year hasn’t been easy for our family….but this little bundle of joy has brought so much joy to each of our lives.  11monthsBeckham has the sweetest personality.  He will cuddle with anyone that will hold him.  He is a little adventurer…a climber…and an eater of anything left on the floor.  You can find him underneath the dining table looking for crumbs after the girls have eaten a meal.  Over the last month I have pulled out a beetle, a marble, a nail, and a lego out of his mouth.

He LOVES to stick his tongue out – it’s his new found hobby.
He’s still a laid back, happy go-lucky guy, until one of the sisters steals his toy.  He is going to be one tough cookie.  They sure do love on him, but I think he gets tired of having four mommies.  🙂  IMG_6403This is kind of how I feel about celebrating his birthday.  I’m trying to get excited, and slowly preparing for his party!  I love planning parties, and usually have everything planned months ahead of time.  I finally brought myself to buy paper plates yesterday.  It’s so bittersweet for me, as he is our last little baby.  I’m looking forward to seeing the little gentlemen he will become though!  



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