9 month update // keeping me on my toes

Our little man is 9 months old.  I can’t believe in just a few months he will be ONE.  This kid is keeping us on our toes.  He is at the “put everything in my mouth, climb on everything and fall and hit my head” stage.  Yep…I can now see what everyone has been talking about when they warn me about boys.
9monthsHe doesn’t sit still for very long – he has to find a way to stand up using anything and everything surrounding him.  Usually…it’s something that will tip over…he just rolls on over and gets back up again.  He’s also pretty close to standing up on his own!

Beckham’s favorite game is peek-a-boo.  I love bath time, because he always pulls the towel up over his eyes and “hides”!

If only I had a lysol bomb for my house, and a maid that followed my kids around to pick up every piece of trash that hit the floors.  Beckham finds everything…stickers, screws, puzzle pieces, crayons and dead bugs.  He’s attempted eating all those things…I hope I have recovered most of it from his mouth.

He’s become a picky eater ALREADY.  He loves meet, cheese, carbs and yogurt, and has even started to yell for other people’s food.  He’s quite the laid back little guy, but he takes his food seriously.


He keeps me on my toes, but he also makes me smile constantly and gives the best cuddles.  So thankful for such a sweet baby!


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