First Day of School



Oh I can’t believe it.  My three girls are all at school right now as we speak.  Beckham is napping, and the house is completely quiet.  I’m baking cupcakes, writing this blog post and drinking a diet coke.  The quiet is so unusual.  I know I will get used to it, but I just can’t wait for all the girls to come home so I can hear how their first day of school went!

My KINDERGARTNER!  I have loved watching this girl mature and grow into a little lady the last year.  She has changed so much over the year.  She is always looking out for others, she has a giving heart, and she has developed such an independent and free spirit.  She’s riding the bus home today.  I fought hard against that, but she was ready, and it will save me a third trip to the school.  I’ll be out there waiting this afternoon…I will try not to cry.  Her favorite part of going to school was that she got to eat lunch there, didn’t have to take a nap, and that she gets to ride the bus home.  Yesterday she said…”Mom I hope this day goes by super fast so I can go to school tomorrow.” I feel like it was yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time.  I can’t believe it.  I’m so excited for her to make new friends, learn new things and grow even more!


Sweet Lily.  She wants to be a mommy when she grows up.  🙂  It was the perfect thing for her to tell me this morning as I was trying to keep it together.  She’s such a sweet girl who loves spiderman, giving hugs and playing soccer.  She and Lauren get to be in the same Preschool class.  They usually do a great job of branching off, and not depending too much on each other.  I’m praying it stays that way…I would love to see them stay together!
Sweet Lauren.  She wants to be a mommy too.  I know this will change every year…okay every day…but it’s sweet.  Lauren has such a sweet and nurturing personality.  She is my diva, my girly girl, and she calls herself a princess.  I love how opposite she and Lily are.  They make the perfect pair!


I’m just sitting here…baking…blogging…cleaning…playing with Beckham…watching the clock!!!  Hope everyone has an amazing school year!


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