Happy 4th Birthday Lily & Lauren

IMG_0697-2Oh my, how much these sweet girls have grown over this last year.  They have blossomed into little ladies, each with their own personality.  I have enjoyed being a mom to twins SO much.  It’s amazing to watch the close relationship they have with each other, while having completely opposite personalities and interests.


lilyfour.jpgLily is my sweet, sensitive, shy girl.  She loves cars, football, spiderman and OU apparel. Her favorite color is Blue.  She cries if I make her wear a dress.   She is a smart little girl who notices details on everything.

laurenfour.jpgLauren is my little diva.  She loves princesses, dresses, fixing her hair, taking care of her baby and anything Frozen related.   Her favorite color is pink.  Oh those eyes, that smile and that little dimple she flashes….we are going to be in trouble.

IMG_0766twinsfourth.jpgI blinked.  And four years flew by.  I remember that moment the doctor told us we were expecting twins, I knew we were in for something amazing. I could have never imagined how special and perfect these two little girls would be, and how much joy they have brought to our family.  Happy Birthday sweet girls!




10 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday Lily & Lauren

  1. I totally agree. We were blissfully blessed with twins also . . . 26 years ago. We absolutely love raising twins. I wasn’t as creative with my thoughts and putting them to “paper” as you are. You express your loving heart very well. Many blessings to you and your little girls. May they grow into the women God has designed for them. ~

  2. I totally agree with you. Raising twins is a huge blessing. We were blissfully blessed 26 years ago with the birth of our twins. Raising them has been a unique blessing. Happy birthday to your two angels. May they grow into the women God has designed for them. ~

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