Destin Vacation

IMG_0406This was our view as we took our first walk on the beach.  It’s our tradition to park the cars and head to the beach before we even start unpacking.  It’s one of my favorite parts of our trip…because I love watching the excitement.  By the end of our walk, Brooke is always drenched from head to toe fully-dressed…she is my little beach lover.


grandparents.jpgMy parents were on a road trip to the East Coast, and were able to stop by Destin on their way back home.  I was SO excited that they got to join us for a couple days and experience all the excitement and beauty!  I am in love with these two photos with them and Beckham.


IMG_0389beauxjames.jpgThis is my nephew Beaux.  He LOVED the beach so much…just the sweetest and happiest baby I know!

IMG_0491BeckhamBeach.jpgBeckham enjoyed his first time in the sand. He wasn’t sure about the sun and wind though!


IMG_0597 laurenbeach.jpgOh…my little Lauren…such a diva!

beachplay.jpgLily loved playing frisbee and soccer in the sand.  You couldn’t get Brooke to take those floaties off.  She LIVED outside playing in the sand and surf.  A girl after my own heart.

IMG_0670familypics.jpgWe had such a sweet vacation together.  It’s amazing how SO much changes within a year.  It was so nice to focus on our family and enjoy such a beautiful place together!







6 thoughts on “Destin Vacation

  1. your have the cutest kid they are the cutest kids i have ever seen i cant get enough of them!!!! God has truly blessed you!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

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