Spring Photos


I love this photo.  It’s my favorite one of all the girls in a long time.  I’m so blessed to have such beautiful little girls.


It’s so hard to believe that Brooke will be going to Kindergarten, and the twins will be following right behind her in Preschool this year.  I cried all the way to enrollment Tuesday morning.  I’m so glad God gave us one more little one to stay home with me and help me wipe my tears away this fall.  Seriously.


Sometimes you try to get all four kids looking, and it just doesn’t happen.  That’s why everyone should invest in an amazing professional photographer for family photos.  🙂

spring2.jpg spring3.jpg

My favorite part about taking these photos is coming home to edit them.  I love seeing each of their little personalities come out in each picture!




5 month update // up all night (take 2)

It’s amazing how fast the last twenty days have gone since I last blogged.  I haven’t been able to catch my breath long enough to get on here to write a blog post.  It has been a CRAZY month…which is pretty normal around here.  🙂  I can’t believe my little guy is already five months old!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
He started eating a few solids…he sits up on his own for a few minutes…he tries to walk when you hold his hands…he’s just growing up TOO fast!

Beckham is such a sweet little guy…I know that I say that A LOT, but he really is such a happy-go-lucky little baby.  He came down with an ear infection a couple weeks ago, and couldn’t sleep for naps, or bedtime.  It didn’t matter if he was inclined, being rocked, or laying in his crib.  Landon and I were lucky to get one hour of uninterrupted sleep for TEN days straight.  My very sweet husband even pulled an all-nighter with Beckham so I could rest.  During those ten days of walking around like a zombie, we managed to sell our Tahoe (which had been posted for about 6 weeks)!  I shed a tear when we said good-bye to that car, but knew we needed something more practical for our family.  So here we were on little sleep, a sick baby, and a honda accord coupe sitting in our garage.  I had some VERY sweet friends who came to pick up kids for school AND let me borrow their car for the day as I was having trouble finding rides for all of our crazy school schedules.  I cried many tears last week of frustration and many tears of thankfulness of family and friends who have been such a blessing to us! My dad came to the rescue a couple days later to help me get the girls to school and look for a new car.

It’s hard for me to write sometimes, because honestly these last five months have been FULL of blessings, but have also rocked my world.  They have revealed many insecurities, and uncovered major areas of struggles that I am wrestling with.  I have never been stretched so much physically, mentally and emotionally.  Each day as I go to sleep, I think about how exhausted I am, but I also thank God for all the blessings He has given me.  He’s teaching me who I need to be for my family.  He’s showing me through the love that other people have shown my family, how to love.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 2.03.22 PM.jpg
I know this is sort of a random post, but I’m writing more for myself to remember.  Because I know I’m going to look back and wish I could go back to sleepless nights and hard days.  I want to remember these moments.

Sweet Reminders

brookeThis beautiful girl has been asking me to take photos of her for a week.  I REALLY needed to run a few errands, but I just couldn’t say no.  I’m so glad we had time for a few pics, because we desperately needed a little time just me and her.

I can’t believe she will be six in September.  This little girl made me a mommy for the first time.  I remember the first time I held her in my arms like it was yesterday.  She’s growing up so fast.

Sunday we had an incident where I came unglued on her.   She disobeyed, which resulted in hurting her baby brother (he’s fine!).  I know she loves him to death, and would never do anything to hurt him purposely.  She felt horrible and I felt horrible. She is SO much like me, and I get easily frustrated with her.  I went to bed that night, just thinking I’m going to just RUIN her.  I was so discouraged.
brooke2.jpgThese photos were taken on Monday night, and as I stood there watching her I thought about GRACE.  I’m going to make mistakes….but those mistakes are forgiven.  I watched her dancing, singing and laughing through that field and it filled my heart with joy.  She’s not ruined.  I love this sweet girl SO much, and I need to work on giving her grace and showing her patience and love instead of frustration.  I need to show her Christ.

God has given me such a sweet gift in her.  She always thinks about other people before herself, and she has such a sweet and tender heart. I’m so thankful for all that He is teaching me through this sweet little girl.  He is showing me a lot of areas in my life that need to change.


We left looking at this beautiful sunset.  Another reminder of God’s goodness.