3 Month Update // Happy 100 days

3 months
photograph by Sara Eaton Photography

Seriously.  Where did February go?!?  I can’t believe my sweet boy is already three months old.  Once Beckham hit the three month mark, he started turning into a different baby!  He interacts with us a lot more, watches us from across the room, has “conversations” with us, holds his own bottle and giggles!  He still HATES tummy time.  He will “toot” and then laugh.  Things go flying across the room (like dirty diapers) and he will smile or laugh when it hits him.  He’s just the smiliest little guy – I’m so thankful for such a happy baby!

3 months
There is always an adventure to be had in the Miller home.  Usually weekends are very low key – we just don’t get out much with four kids.  Saturday night, we had some personal things that we needed to take care of, so we dropped the girls off at Aunt Molly’s house (about 25 minutes away).  On the way there, I was sitting in the back feeding the girls dinner and playing with Beckham when he spit up A LOT.  He rarely spits up even a tiny bit, so I just thought it was maybe something I ate that affected him. I cleaned him up with my Mcdonalds napkins, and we kept driving.  We dropped the girls off, and Beckham spit up again.  Like a fountain.  He was running a fever, and I knew something was up.  Landon ran in to target to get him some new clothes (because I never leave the house prepared), and I tried to nurse him in the car.  He spit up all over me as well.  So here we are, soaked in spit up.  Poor baby.  We headed back to get the girls, stopped at WalMart for pedialyte and then headed home.  He kept choking and vomiting the whole way home, so we gave him a bath and tried some pedialyte.  He also threw that up, so by now it had been almost six hours of vomiting.  Landon ended up taking him to the emergency room where they gave him a very small dose of Zofran. It took about two days for him to get his strength back and get back to “normal” but he is better!  

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

The ER visit was on Saturday, and Sunday was Beckham’s 100 day birthday!  We ended up getting “snowed” in, and church was cancelled for the day.  It was nice to stay at home, love on Beckham, and celebrate his 100 day birthday.  Being half-korean I wanted to celebrate this tradition!  I think out of all the kids, Beckham looks the most Korean to me.  It’s his little almond eyes – I just love it!  We grilled (yes my husband cleared off the snow for me) teriyaki chicken and had a little cake for him.  I love making these special memories with our kids!

100 days

It’s amazing how quickly time flies by with each baby.  I’m trying to savor each moment of this baby stage with Beckham and watching his sisters love on him and get excited with each milestone he reaches!  I am one blessed mama.


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