After the baby bump // 4 weeks with Beckham

This is my last and final “installment” of After the Baby Bump.  These posts are more for me to remember the funny details of our first month…when I look back at when the girls were newborns, those first few weeks were such a blur!  I wish I had written some of those memories down!

one month

I can’t believe it has been a month since we met our sweet boy.  I remember being so excited about spending Christmas with him, and it’s only TWO days away!  I can’t wait to celebrate the birth of our savior with my sweet family!

This last week went by super fast with the last week of school, Christmas parties and holiday baking!  Especially Thursday. I loaded/unloaded Beckham’s carseat 16 times.  I’m counting that as a workout…which I needed after sampling too many Christmas cookies.

One Month
I don’t drink coffee daily.  When I make it at home it’s with those instant coffee packets.  I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning.  So I poured myself a diet coke, and was heating up some water for the coffee.  I poured the packet into my diet coke, and took a drink.  I don’t recommend the combination.  

Question of the day:  “Do you get sleep at night”.  My answer is usually “Yes…as much as possible with a newborn”.  This is my vague answer…because it seems if the baby is sleeping, and I give a detailed answer, I’m awake all night.  Like last night.

My personal daily goal : SURVIVAL.  The house is a mess…the laundry is folded on our formal dining table…the elf on the shelf is nowhere to be found…we haven’t done any of the normal Christmas traditions this year…BUT we are surviving.  Together…as a family!

The kids were dressed so cute yesterday for church.  I didn’t get a photo.  The adorable reindeer bow tie went “missing” after someone used it as a headband.  I found it last night in someone’s PINK dresser.  When we got home from church, Lily couldn’t get her tights off in time…yep she had a little accident.  Those darn tights…if only they knew how hard it was to get four kids in their sunday best.  🙂 The outfits are in the wash…I’m hoping to get a photo as soon as I muster up the energy to get everyone ready again.

One month full of some very sweet memories.  The girls are still fascinated with their brother and love him so much.  He is the first thing they ask about in the morning.  I won’t lie and say it’s not hard…we are still having some nursing and colic issues.  Like I have to keep telling myself…it’s for a season.  These “issues” will get better, and are so small in the scheme of things.  I am thankful for the support of friends during this time to give encouraging words and prayer!  I’m learning a LOT this time around about how to be an encouragement to other moms in this season of life, through the blessings that we have received.


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