Six Years of Wedded Bliss & Our Weekend

PicMonkey Collage

Anniversary “recap”

Day 1 // We got married.  It was a beautiful day for the middle of November here in Oklahoma.  Yesterday the weather was exactly like it was 6 years ago….sunny, warm and beautiful….but even better because we spent it with three little girls.

Year 1 // We celebrated our first year of marriage with our sweet little “honeymoon” baby.  

Year 2 // We found out on this day that there were TWO heartbeats…we would be expecting twins the following June.  Pretty sure that’s all we talked about our entire dinner at the Melting Pot.  

Year 3 // The twins were born in June, and this was our first date since their birth…it’s amazing how fast five months will fly by with two newborn babies.  We went to P.F. Changs, then ate Wendy’s frostys in the car for dessert.  And it was perfect.

Year 4 // Texas Road House then a selfie on our back porch. Our dates are never extravagant.  We are just happy to eat in peace.  

Year 5 //  We went to Branson for a weekend getaway, but came home early because we were “lost” without our children.  What can I say…we are major homebodies.  

Year 6 // We went to Osaka and Buy Buy Baby.  We talked about how slow the last year has gone for us in the midst of everything that has happened, but how GOOD God has been to us.  I’ll take slow over fast any day!

We celebrated our anniversary earlier in the week, knowing this was our last weekend with the girls before we all meet Beckham.  We really wanted to do something special with the girls, but we were slightly limited with how I was feeling.  We took them to Texas Roadhouse to fill up on rolls and peanuts, then we headed to Target to raid the dollar section. They picked out items for a special “Hospital Survival Kit” to give them some activities to do when they visit the hospital.  We went home and our split a bag of M&M’s for dessert.  It was simple, but memorable!

PicMonkey Collage
Sunday was our official anniversary – I flew solo in the morning as usual, and we “splurged” and went to McAllister’s for lunch!  Do you know they have $.99 kids meals now for dine-in?  What an awesome deal.  I took a nap with the girls, then Landon took them out to enjoy the beautiful weather while I cleaned the house.  We spent our evening with our small group at church.  As always, it was such a blessing – I’m so thankful for the friendships from our group and the excitement they share in welcoming Beckham this week!  I have been so amazed by the prayers and encouragement they have brought to our family!!!  It was the perfect weekend!

We are looking forward to a very exciting week!  I can’t believe we are finally going to meet our sweet little boy this week!



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