Family Photos and Priceless Memories


My beautiful and talented friend Sara took some family photos of us this last weekend.  If you live locally, I would highly recommend her as a photographer.  She is VERY talented, and great with kids.  I’m so thankful for these memories.  These photos are so special to me for so many reasons…


Landon and I are getting ready to celebrate six years together on Sunday.  Six years…four children…lots of laughs…many tears.  This last year has been trying for our family in so many ways.  Physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.  When we found out we were expecting again, we were both in utter shock.  With my history of very difficult pregnancies, and three girls under the age four, I honestly didn’t know how I was going to make it through 40 weeks of pregnancy.  I was excited, but very nervous at what the rest of the year would hold for us.  As always, God has proven his faithfulness to our family.  He has provided everything that we have needed.  He led us to a new church family that has encouraged our spiritual growth in an amazing way.  He has given us a support system that has helped care for our children in times of need, share our excitement in expecting a little one, as well as encourage us as parents.  He led us to a small group, where in a very short time we already feel like they are family to us.  He helped me through each day….even when I didn’t think I could take care of my children….much less myself.  He reminded me over, and over again….that HE IS GOOD.


I’m so thankful for each precious blessing that He has given to us.  We have three beautiful girls, and a sweet baby boy we are looking forward to meeting next week.  Like I have said before, I never anticipated the love these girls would have for someone they have never seen.  They are truly excited about meeting their little brother.


I have a truly amazing husband who has seen my best…and my worst.  He has loved me in sickness…and in health.  He has been such an example to me spiritually….I’m so thankful for God’s goodness in giving me such an amazing and Godly husband.


Our family is about to change one last time…adding our sweet little Beckham.  Every hardship through these last 9 months have been completely worth it already.  I know that I will easily forget how hard it was physically as soon as I see his face as I have in the past.  Something I will not forget, is how much I have learned about God through this year.  About His love, grace, forgiveness and goodness to our family.

I am convinced that every time I look at these photos, I will remember how much God has blessed us through trials, the anticipation of meeting another precious little one, and the overwhelming love and excitement of three beautiful little girls.


// all photos taken by Sara Eaton Photography //


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