A Fairy, A Football Player & A Ballarina

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I’ve got three sweet girls….and it’s so fun to see each of their own little personalities develop during these little years.  I just want time to slow down, but it just keeps going by faster, and faster.  So for now, I will just take pictures….and blog…so I can look back and remember these very sweet times.

I found a little play make-up set I bought for the girls last year stuffed in the back of a drawer while nesting this weekend.  🙂  After naps, I declared a dress-up day and told all the girls to figure out what they wanted to be.  Of course, Brooke and Lauren were super excited about the make-up and hair….Lily not so much.  Brooke picked a fairy costume and wanted a braid in her hair.  Lily went through her laundry basket and picked out her OU shirt so she could be a football player.  She also informed me that she did not want to wear make-up, but that she wanted pig tails in her hair.  Lauren picked the girliest outfit of all….Brooke’s old ballerina leotard.  That girl…if she passes a mirror, you can be sure she will check herself out and fix her hair.

Brooke // Such a sweet girl.  She has the sweetest heart.  She is such a giver – and that makes me so happy.  When she goes to school and gets a prize out of the treasure chest on Fridays, she asks the teacher if she can have one for her sisters too.  She is always concerned about how everyone is doing and feeling.  I pray that she will always have that love, care, and compassion  for others.  She’s in love with tinker-bell right now.  Landon is convinced that if she were a fairy, that she would be a “tinker fairy” (yes we watch tinker-bell movies together).  She loves to fix broken things and work with her hands just like her daddy!


Lily // If any of the girls are “closer” to me than Landon, it is Lily….and it’s probably because she is the least like me.  She’s pretty rough, tough, drama-free and athletic.  I have a feeling that she and Beckham will have a special relationship.  Brooke and Lauren can often be found playing together and going “shopping”, but Lily usually has a ball in her hands.  She is very sympathetic to the needs of others.  She always senses when something is wrong and comes and puts her hand on your back to comfort whoever is hurting or sad.  She is the most cuddly, and I can always get a hug and a kiss from my Lily Reese.


Lauren // Diva. Oh are we in trouble.  With that dimple and those eyelashes.  Lauren Grace is my GIRLY girl.  She is always batting those eyelashes, flashing a smile, and flipping her hair. If she has food on her hands, she asks me to sweet her hair out of her face so it doesn’t get dirty. When you ask who her friends are at school or church, she always names a boy.  I can always count on her to pose for pictures…she loves taking them!  She is also ultra sensitive, and can shed tears at the drop of a hat.  You can always count on her to be looking after her twin sister though – she always makes sure Lily is being taken care of.  When Lily is timid or shy, she takes her hand and comforts her.

These sweet little girls that are teaching me so much right now.  Sure, there are those days when I feel exhausted and worn…but when I think about all the amazing qualities each one of them already possesses, I’m amazed at the wonderful gifts God has given me.


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