A Father’s Love


The girls all caught a nasty bug at the end of last week, so we spent most of the weekend indoors trying to get well.  We did a lot of cuddling, coloring and going a little stir crazy!  I have been wanting to take some photos of Landon with the girls for a while….it was so beautiful Saturday we bundled up and headed outside to take a few before the sun went down!  I love how they turned out.


Landon is such a special daddy to these little girls.  He truly loves them and cares for them in such a sweet way!  He is my hero, living in a house with four girls.  He is sympathetic, patient….their first love…and there is no doubt that the girls know how much he loves them!  They have a special sparkle in their eyes for him.  It melts my heart!



I’m thankful for the Godly, strong, loving example Landon is to our children.  I know this will have a profound effect on who they become, and I pray that their relationship only grows stronger as each year passes by.

PicMonkey Collage

“To become a strong, confident woman, a daughter needs her father’s attention, protection, courage, and wisdom”
-from the book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters



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