DIY No Sew TuTu Tutorial


I just love making tutus for halloween costumes and birthday parties.  It’s great how cute, easy, and inexpensive they are to make.  They also make great items for playing dress-up with afterwards!

PicMonkey Collage3

Lily & Lauren are going to be black cats this year.  When I asked for volunteers to take photos, Lauren was the only one that offered.  🙂  The total cost for two halloween costumes was around $11.  We already had the black leggings and shirts (which are fantastic everyday essentials!). Everything for the tutus, headbands and tails were purchased at Hobby Lobby at 1/2 price!  Here’s a few of our tutus from the last few years….

Let’s get started!

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 9.49.28 PM

Here’s what you will need…
Rolls of Tulle (you can use yards of tulle and cut into strips, but these rolls make it SO much easier!).  I purchased the larger roll pictured at Walmart – it was 3.99 for 50 yards.  I purchased two of the glitter rolls (only 15 yards on each) at hobby lobby, and made two tutus out of all three rolls of tulle.
Ribbon – I like using the wider ribbon for these tutus, so the bow that you see when you tie the tutu is nice and full!
Board, piece of cardboard, tupperware lid for easy cutting (optional)

PicMonkey Collage
Step 1 // First, figure out how long you would like your tutu to be.  Double that measurement and that is how long you will cut your strips of tulle.  You can cut each strip individually, or use this method that will help cut your time tremendously!!!  I used the top of a tupperware box, because it was the perfect length for this tutu. (You could use a piece of cardboard or something similar).  Just keep wrapping your tulle around the “cutting board” until you reach the end.  Cut the tulle at both ends and you will end up with strips that are all exactly the same length!  🙂

Step 2 // Kind of goes with step one.  🙂  When you are done wrapping/cutting you will be ready to make your tutu!

Step 3 // Wrap your ribbon tightly around an object.  I used the tupperware lid….you can use a chair or something similar.  It is not necessary to do this, but will make it easier when you knot the tulle strips around the ribbon.

PicMonkey Collage1

Step 4 // Take a strip of tulle and fold it in half

Step 5 // Place the folded strip underneath the ribbon.  Grab the ends together.

Step 6 // Pull the ends away from you, and pull them underneath the loop.  Pull it tight until a knot forms.

Step 7 // Keep “slip knotting” away and slide all the knots together tightly together on the ribbon.  I usually estimate the length, and try the tutu on one of the girls when I think it is big enough.  The great thing about these, is you can slide the knots closer together or separate them slightly to make the tutu fit your little girl just right!


Happy Crafting!!!


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