Baby Bump Update – 28 Weeks

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Baby Bump Progress

I’ve seen a lot of these on pregnancy blogs, and I always thought these questions were fun.  I thought I would answer them to celebrate making it to the third trimester!

How far along –  28 weeks – HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER!!!

Baby Beckham – about 2 1/2 pounds, 16 inches long!  Beckham’s eviction date via C-Section has been changed to November 22nd.  Countdown is at 78 days!!!  EEK!

Total weight gain/loss – 7 pounds.  I didn’t lose weight at the beginning like I did with the other pregnancies, but I have stayed pretty steady with the “gain”, as I have to be really careful what I eat.  Some days I only get sick once or twice, but days like yesterday….whew….I threw up at least 10 times.  78 more days….I can do this….and the great thing is, I will forget about it all when I see his sweet face!

Stretch marks – Reality: i had twins.  I got stretch marks.  Unless Beckham is 14 pounds, I doubt I will get any more.  If I do, I’m not too worried about it…I’m not going to become a bikini model anytime soon EVER.

Favorite moment this week – As always, the sweet sisters.  They are just as excited about Beckham as ever.  He gets a hug and a kiss every time I do.  Just melts my heart.

Movement – Crazy.  🙂  I don’t remember any of the girls moving as much as Beckham does.  He is a strong little guy – I enjoy laying down and watching him roll around and kick.

Food cravings – Cereal.  I probably go through a box of cereal every three days.  Healthy I know.  I wake up multiple times through the night, and feel the need to eat a bowl of cereal every time.

Maternity Clothes– YES!  On Sunday morning, I decided I was going to wear my pre-pregnancy mint skinny pants.  Those pants and I fought for about 10 minutes.  They are in a storage container now.

Have you started to show yet – Yes.  🙂

Gender– Still a boy.  Whew.

Belly Button in or out-  Still in.  Kind of looks like it may eventually pop like it did with the twins.


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