DIY Cloud Garland


I thought I would post a little “tutorial” about how I made my little cloud garland for Beckham’s Room.  It’s quite simple and very inexpensive!  I just love the little happiness it added above his crib.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 8.12.44 PM

Of course, I don’t have EVERYTHING you need pictured.  You will need a needle, something to stuff your clouds with, felt and thread (i used embroidery thread).  I used stuffing from an “old” pillow we were never going to use for these.  You could also use polyfil, kleenex or even toilet paper (i won’t tell).


Step 1 // Trace some fluffy clouds on your felt with a pencil.  Your clouds would turn out even more awesome if trace then with a disney princess pencil.  You can make the clouds various shapes, or use a stencil and make them all the same.

Step 2 // Cut 2 layers of felt at one time so that each cloud will be the exact same shape.  After I cut my clouds, I inverted both cloud shapes to ensure the pencil lining was on the inside of the cloud.

Step 3 // I used a whip stitch to seal the edges.  I do not sew, and actually had to google what a whip stitch was.  I decided to use blue thread to show you the stitch (i do realize that most ladies know what a whip stitch is, but just in case, I’m saving you a google search).  Once I got towards the end of the little pillow I stuffed and then closed up the cloud!

Step 4 // I cut a continuous piece of embroidery floss  to stretch how far I wanted on the wall.  I threaded each cloud through the back layer of felt towards the top so they would lay flat against the wall.  Once I secured the garland to the wall, I moved the clouds to space them the way I wanted.


I just love his dreamy little room!  I hope this tutorial helps a little.  These would be so cute as a mobile as well.  Happy Crafting!

26 thoughts on “DIY Cloud Garland

  1. You did such a great job! I am shocked you do not sew. You make & decorate such lovely things that I assumed you had your own sewing machine. Your creativity knows no bounds 🙂

    1. Thank you Katie! You are so sweet. I just do not have the knack for sewing. Maybe it’s the patience. 😉 I LOVE the cloud mobile you made for Granderson’s room – so excited for you all!!!

      1. Jenny, the I traced the “B” onto a piece of wood, and my father-in-law cut it out in his wood shop. I used a walnut stain on it! THey also sell large wood letters at Hobby Lobby if you have one near you! 🙂

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